Bangkok Paper Business (BPB), a top firm for printing & writing and packaging paper, has taken Thailand's sustainability efforts to new heights by partnering with JCDecaux Thailand, a global leader in outdoor advertising, and Yupo Corporation, the foremost producer of eco-friendly synthetic papers from Japan. This innovative collaboration transforms 'printed media' into 'flower pots,' significantly reduce waste and pollution while promoting circular economy within Thailand.

In alignment with the sustainability objectives, printing and packaging paper distributor BPB, has broadened ideas for paper solutions that can fulfill the needs of both users and the society altogether. This effort aims to enhance their commitment to the "I'm Greener Choices for Paper" initiative to better preserve the planet. In an effort to consider the final cycle of printed materials and their end-of-life, BPB has partnered with JCDecaux Thailand, a global leader in out-of-home media, and Yupo Corporation, a leading synthetic paper manufacturer from Japan. Together, they launched BPB's EPR Project (Extended Producer Responsibility Project) with the concept of 'from paper to pot.'

This initiative supports consumers and Thai society, aiming for a sustainable green society which the project begins by collecting billboards and other out-of-home media that have been used. These signs, crafted from Yupo synthetic paper material, can be fully recycled into plant pots that possess unique self-watering properties and available in two sizes for consumers to choose from: small and large. The pots are designed with a special function, suitable for urban lifestyles as the small pot can be stacked under a large pot, where it acts as a water reserve tank for the plant above. By adding only half a liter of water, it can supply the upper plant for up to ten days. This innovation caters to consumers who love planting trees and ensures that used advertising signs are no longer left as waste.

Somphot Sanguanpiyapan, Managing Director of Bangkok Paper Business, states, "BPB has extensive expertise in printing and packaging materials, with a proven track record in the industry for over 70 years. Throughout our history, we have prepared ourselves in various ways to continually develop and promote environmentally-friendly products. We are well-equipped to drive the industry forward and address the challenges of leftover printed waste, which inspired the initiation of BPB’s EPR Project. This key initiative is aimed directly at addressing environmental issues by laying a foundation for environmental conservation, we also support the selection of products made from sustainable paper materials. We would like to emphasize that the project encourages Thai society to recognize the importance of global resources even more."

Poonnawich Choengsa-art, H&S, ESG Manager of JCDecaux Thailand comments on the collaboration that “The Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising industry has been continually advancing to align with the lifestyle habits of Thai people. JCDecaux Thailand is committed to driving sustainable responsibility for the product lifecycle, aiming to minimize waste from printed media as much as possible. Therefore, the company has adopted a policy of using recyclable printed materials to offer a better alternative for the Thai out-of-home media industry. This approach aims to drive business growth while giving back to the community, caring for the environment, and fostering a sustainable Thai society.”

Eventually, BPB's EPR Project represents a significant step towards shared environmental goals. This collaboration between Bangkok Paper Business Co., Ltd. (BPB) and JCDecaux Thailand focuses on the selection of Yupo materials for sign printing. The project aims to reduce environmental impacts by considering the end-of-life cycle of printed materials which promotes the use of alternative printing and packaging materials that are 100% recyclable. All of these efforts contribute to providing solutions for emerging alternative publishing businesses aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), aiming to introduce new alternative paper materials & solutions for Thai society.